Download Kingroot Apk : King Root Apk Android Rooting App

What is kingroot ?

Download kingroot Apk: Kingroot apk is an android rooting app that helps you in rooting your mobile. King root apk has made rooting easier. This app does not use a complex procedure to root mobile phones. With the help of kingroot apk app a person with not much technical knowledge can root his/her phone.You can use king root apk in your mobile phones directly to root your phone. How to root android phone manually ?
Rooting your phone will unfold its all hidden features and will enhance its functionality. Thus , your phone will work on its full potential.You might think that rooting your device is risky but as compared to cons , the pros are more of rooting your device.You will be able to use features which were not available to your un-rooted phones.

Download Kingroot Apk : King Root Apk Android Rooting App

Download Kingroot Apk : King Root Apk Android Rooting App

Name: Download Kingroot Apk
Developer: KingRoot Inc.
Version: 5.2.0 [Latest]
Updated On: June 16, 2017

Benefits of rooting android phone

  1. Don’t you hate it when a pop-up flashes on your screen while you’re playing your favorite game on your mobile ? Your answer will be a big “yes”, you can block those ads or on a phone which is rooted you can block ads of any app you want to do.
  2. Do you ever wanted to remove those irritating pre-installed manufacturer”s apps? It can be done by rooting android phone . Root your device by king root and remove that crap from your phone.
  3. Does your phone’s battery drain fast and you’re having trouble making it through the entire day? Rooting android phone will help you in getting customized kernels. Different kernels work differently . If you want your phone to run entire day then you might go for kernels with low power consumption.Similarity you can use customized kernels for speeding up your device. Choosing the right one will increase the working speed of your device.
  4. An Android device which is rooted can get Android updates months before they actually come to other person. Or unrooted devices.
  5. You Can also enjoy games by using xmodgames.
Download kingroot apk

Download kingroot apk

If routing has advantages, there is also a Disadvantages of rooting android. Let’s know disadvantages of rooting.

How to install kingroot app ?

If you’re convinced and ready to root your phone then here is the step by step tutorial to install king root apk on your mobile and after the installation of download kingroot is complete we will be ready to root our device.

  1. First thing you have to do is to download and install the Kingroot app . This app is not available on google play store. Thus, you will have to download kingroot apk app directly.
    To download the apk open this link in your browser ” Click Here ” .
    When the page is loaded you will see an option with “Download the apk” click on it.
    If you’re downloading the king root app from google chrome. A notification will be visible on the screen which says “This type of file may harm your device” . Click ok and the downloading will be started.
  2. After the file is downloaded, open the file. If you receive message which says “installation blocked by google ” there will be an other option which reads “more details” click on it.
  3. Clicking on it will expand the message and you will get an option which will say that “install anyway” . You have to select it and press ok.
  4. If you have not downloaded apps from other sources except google play store, chances are that your install will be blocked for installing apps from unknown sources. When you click on install a message pops up which contains to buttons “cancel” and “setting” here you have to select “setting” clicking on it will open a new page, at the bottom of that page you will see a title with texts “unknown sources ” . You have to click on it and you will be able to install the app.
  5. when the app is installed click on the open .
  6. when the app is opened you will see an option which says “try it “, clicking on it will open another page. At that page you have to click on “Get now” option to get started. It will start the rooting process . When the rooting process is completed you will be redirected to main screen.
  7. This is the last step we will check if our phone has been rooted or not. To check this open google play store and download “rootchecker” app and open it. If your phone has been rooted you receive a message which will be read “your device is rooted.”

How to root your mobile with Kingroot PC?

Before rooting your android mobile phone with kingroot PC . You would like to know that why to root your phone with kingroot PC when there is already mobile version of the app is available. This question has a simple answer “The PC version of the kingroot app supports way more devices than the kingroot Android apk app.”

First of all you will need to download the PC version of kingroot PC on your system. You can download it ( from here link here) After the downloading of the app finishes you can start the rooting process on your PC.

Here is the step by step guide to root your phone using Kingroot PC .

  1. Connect your phone to your system by using USB cable.
  2. The kingroot PC app automatically detects your Android and device model. While using this app make sure your internet is turned on because the app will install the device driver . If they are not pre-installed.
  3. Enable debug mode on your device. In some devices you will get this option directly when you connect USB with your phone.
  4. When the debug mode is enabled . Click on the big blue button which you will see on your PC”s screen. Clicking on it will start the procedure of rooting. Click on it and within few seconds the root will be completed and you will see a tick on the screen.
KingRoot for pc

KingRoot for pc

Note := Please remember do not unplug your phone when the process is started.

How to unroot your phone with kingroot apk ?

If you have rooted your phone successfully and have achieved the purpose of rooting it and want to unroot your phone. Or you have accidentally rooted your phone by kingroot app. And now You want to unroot it . You can do it from the kingroot.apk itself.

Here is the step by step tutorial to unroot your phone by kingroot android app.

  1. open the kingroot apk app on your device .
  2. After the app has opened you will see an option as “setting” , click on that “settings” option ( It is located at the top right side of the screen.)
  3. Inside settings you will see “Root Authorization setting” click on it and the next thing to do click on remove root permissions. A pop up will appear there you have to click on “Continue”.
  4. Another confirmation message pops up click on “ok”.
  5. Now wait for sometime and you will see a message that root has been removed.
  6. After unrooting you the kingroot app will automatically be closed or removed. In some phones if it is not removed automatically , reboot your phone and the app will be no longer there.
  7. Final step is to check your phone if it is rooted or not. For this install the app “Rootchecker” and run it. If your phone has been un-rooted successfully then it will display a message which will say “The device is not rooted.” And voila you are done.

Download Kingroot Apk : King Root Apk Android Rooting App

If you really wants to root your android device then click on Download kingroot apk button and download apk file. The size of apk file is not big its just of about 20mb. You must have internet connection when you are rooting your device. Click Below on downloading button……

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